Caregiver Resources

“There are four kinds of people in the world:

- Those who currently are caregivers;

- Those who have been caregivers;

- Those who will be caregivers;

- Those who will need caregivers.”

Rosalyn Carter

Meals to Heal is pleased to announce our affiliation with the Caregiver Space, a non-profit committed to ensuring caregivers feel seen, heard and most of all supported.  The mission of the Caregiver Space is to provide emotional and logistical support tools to family and professional caregivers, and to help manage and cope with the consequences of ongoing caregiving: chronic stress, fatigue, loneliness, guilt, anger and frustration.  Through our partnership, you can now look forward to a host of new content aimed at educating the caregiver about the things that will help them navigate the world of caregiving, including access to resources designed specifically with the caregiver in mind.   And, you can always visit their site and gain access to caregiver communities, featured events and programs, lifestyle tips for mind and body and informational and educational blogs.   The Caregiver Space

Another great resource for caregivers is the Caregiver Action Network.  The Caregiver Action Network

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