How Does Meals to Heal Work? Easily. Conveniently. Reliably.

Meals to Heal is designed to help make life easier, more convenient, and less stressful for people with cancer and for their caregivers.  We designed our services to be personal – customized to your needs, your tastes.  But we also designed our services to be simple – getting started is easy and staying with your plan is easy.  Everything comes to you: the fresh food, the information, the access to other excellent resources.

Here’s how it works in four easy steps…

Once you've set up your account and placed your order then...

  • Get cancer & nutrition information on foods, nutrients and cancer diets

    Interested in why we believe so strongly in the Mediterranean Diet and the value of the delicious ingredients in every meal we prepare?  Interested in the latest evidence-based medical articles on the role of diet in cancer treatment?  Interested in more information on supplements, specific nutrients, or diets that you may have heard about?  The Nutrition and Cancer Information section of this site contains evidence-based information that is easy to understand.  We follow the highest nutritional standards and the best practices of leading cancer experts such as the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Institute for Cancer Research.  Just click on the Nutrition and Cancer Information Resources link for all the following:
    • Important Studies of Cancer, Nutrition, and Fitness
    • Information from the National Cancer Institute on Nutrition-Related Side Effects of Cancer and Treatment…Plus Tips For Addressing These Side Effects
    • Specific Foods, Herbs, and Spices That May Help Fight Cancer and Treatment Side Effects
    • Popular Cancer-Fighting Diets and Evidence-Based Information on Their Effectiveness
    • Information on Supplements, Herbs, and Botanicals
    • Links to Other Sites
  • Find an experienced nutritional professional for counseling

    As soon as you sign up for our services, we can assist you in getting access to leading oncology dietitians and physicians in your area so you can get ongoing nutritional counseling and even, if needed, specialized medical care.  Simply follow the link on our Find A Nutrition Professional section of our website, then enter your zip code and you will find a list of dietitians in your state, including those, the Certified Specialists in Oncology ("CSOs"), with over 2,000 hours minimum of oncology clinical training.  Their contact information is provided there and we invite you to call them to discuss your specific nutritional issues and needs.  In the future, for special needs and more serious medical nutritional issues, we also will provide a list of physicians trained and experienced in oncology nutrition.  Meals to Heal also offers you direct online access to our dedicated cancer nutrition professionals which include Registered Dietitians with the CSO credential and oncology Registered Nurses.  We make it possible for you to email or “chat” privately with specialists online who can answer your questions about your nutritional needs and your menu of meals.
  • Order supplements for additional calories and nutrients

    If you need more calories or more nutrients, Meals to Heal offers you access to a full line of supportive products (including the organic supplement, Orgain) and Ensure.  Just click the product page in our supportive products store, and your supplements will be sent direct to your home (or other location where you are receiving treatment).  No need to open a separate account.  We do it all for you with just one click of your mouse!
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