The Complete Solution to Your Personal Nutrition Needs

Rely on Meals to Heal for three key services:

  1. Weekly home delivery of fresh, healthy, delicious, chef-prepared cancer fighting meals
  2. Scientifically proven, “evidence-based” nutrition information
  3. Access to experienced, dedicated cancer nutrition professionals

With complete meals… with objective, up-to-date information…with access to dedicated cancer nutrition experts… Meals to Heal is what’s known as a truly “turnkey solution.”  We deliver the complete solution to your nutrition needs during and after cancer treatment.  We can even deliver meals to meet the nutrition needs of your caregivers!

  • Weekly delivery of fresh, healthy, delicious, chef-prepared “anti-cancer” meals

    Our specially trained chefs create fresh, appealing, high-quality meals – using all natural meats, poultry, fish, and dairy, plus cancer-fighting vegetables and fruits. But beyond tasting great and helping you maintain good nutrition, our fresh, home-delivered meals form an essential cancer diet, specially designed for the needs of a body receiving chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other cancer treatment.  Meals from Meals to Heal also provide ideal nutrition for cancer survivors who have gone through treatment and want to do everything possible to prevent cancer from recurring.  And we deliver meals for caregivers, who also need good nutrition as they bear the stress of helping a loved one manage cancer.  Deliveries can be made directly to your home or, if you are away from home, staying in an apartment or hotel, we can deliver there too. Scientific evidence of the power of good nutrition during cancer treatment guides all of our efforts.  We create meals to provide the nutritional support needed by people fighting cancer, using strategies recommended by the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and chefs at leading cancer centers.  You can choose meats, poultry, fish, or completely vegetarian meals.  We will tailor them to your specific needs. For example, we offer "soft" foods for those who suffer from mouth sores and difficulty swallowing. Solid or soft – any formula you need.  And preparation is simple – just “heat and eat.”

    All meals from Meals to Heal are based on the proven Mediterranean Diet and feature:

    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics-recommended percentages adjusted to meet the calorie, protein, and other dietary needs unique to people with cancer
    • Large amounts of fruits and vegetables
    • Organic produce whenever possible
    • Unsaturated fats
    • Whole-grain carbohydrates
    • Healthier proteins such as nuts, seeds, beans, chicken, and fish
    • All natural meats, poultry, and dairy

    Designed to Support Your Immune System

    Meals prepared and delivered by Meals to Heal are designed to support your body’s immune system and provide optimum nutrition to meet your needs during cancer treatment.  Our meals are also formulated to help reduce the negative impact of cancer treatment on your overall nutrition. A healthy, nutritious diet from Meals to Heal may help improve:
    • Immune function
    • Energy level
    • Response to cancer treatment
    • Impact of treatment side effects
    • State of mind
    • Quality of life
  • Scientifically proven, evidence-based nutrition information

    There is an overwhelming amount of information and misinformation about cancer and nutrition, about what you should eat and not eat.  Much of the information is confusing or even conflicting.  Some of it may even be dangerous. The only information you should trust is “evidence-based” – scientifically proven to be safe and effective.  No studies to date have shown that diet and nutrition can cure cancer. But there is a great deal of scientific evidence proving the positive physical and mental benefits of good nutrition during and after cancer treatment for both patients and caregivers. Meals to Heal provides evidence-based information that can help you understand how to achieve and maintain the healthiest possible diet and how to prevent or manage nutrition issues that can occur with cancer and its treatment. Meals to Heal also provides trustworthy information on the safety and effectiveness of “natural” supplements.  There is a great deal of information and misinformation on this subject, and Meals to Heal helps you sort it out. We provide information on nutrition strategies to prevent or manage treatment side effects. We even provide information on specific diets, nutrition, fitness and cancer. Our team of experts has selected the leading studies on various diets and summarized them for you on this site. Other information is also available through the links provided by Meals to Heal.  You can go to the websites of professional associations dedicated to helping people understand and manage cancer, treatment, and nutrition.
  • Access to experienced, dedicated cancer nutrition professionals

    Eight of 10 people with cancer never see a nutritionist.  Yet practicing good nutrition, as customized for you by a trained specialist, is one of the smartest things you can do. One reason many people never see a nutritionist is that it can be hard to find truly qualified cancer nutrition specialists.  Then, even if you can find the right specialist, it may be hard to schedule and keep appointments for ongoing nutritional counseling due to the fatigue and lack of energy resulting from your cancer treatment. Meals to Heal offers you direct access to dedicated cancer nutrition professionals. And, you can find them from the comfort of your home through our website. We can help you access leading oncology dietitians and physicians in your area so you can get ongoing nutritional counseling and, if needed, specialized medical care.  We also make it possible for you to email and “chat” privately with our nutrition specialists online who can answer your questions about your nutritional needs and your menu of meals. All from the comfort of your home.
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